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Conception Aid Cup

Conception Aid Cup

Introducing the first of its kind, Conception Cup: an at-home aid, designed with fertility specialists, for couples or individuals trying to get pregnant. Using it is simple! Just insert the flexible silicone cup into the vagina after sex or insemination to keep semen near the cervix to assist in conception. This soft silicone conception aid cup is sold over the counter and offers a safe and simple tool for those who are trying to conceive. Reusable (for up to 3 cycles), comfortable, easy to clean, and safe. Whether you're just starting to try or if trying has been trying, use our Frida Conception Aid Cup to get a leg up without keeping your legs up.

• REVOLUTIONARY DESIGN: Introducing the first-of-its-kind conception aid cup, designed for natural conception and at-home insemination.
• ENHANCED CONCEPTION SUPPORT: Keeps sperm close to the cervix post-intercourse or insemination
• USER-FRIENDLY AND REUSABLE: Easily insert the conception cup vaginally after intercourse or insemination, and comfortably wear for up to 1 hour, featuring a long stem for effortless removal. Reusable for up to 3 cycles.
• COMFORTABLE AND SAFE: Made of flexible silicone for ultra-comfortable wear, hypoallergenic, BPA free, and free from harmful substances like phthalates and latex, ensuring safety and comfort.
• TRUSTED AND TESTED: Developed with fertility specialists and tested for safety, providing peace of mind during the conception journey.
• CONTENTS: 1 Conception Cup and 1 Storage Bag


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