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Conception Friendly Lubricant

Conception Friendly Lubricant

Trying doesn't have to be so trying. Frida Fertility Conception Friendly Lubricant is your partner in both bedroom fun and babymaking. Unlike traditional lubricants, such as oil-based lubes and saliva, that hinder sperm mobility, our sperm-safe formula ensures optimal conditions for conception. Say goodbye to discomfort and awkward application methods—Frida Fertility offers natural hydration that mimics the body's own mucus and comes in an easy-to-apply bottle instead of a syringe. Join the Frida Fertility community and embrace a smoother, more enjoyable path to parenthood.


SPERM-SAFE FORMULA: Frida Fertility Conception Friendly Lubricant preserves sperm viability and motility, unlike traditional oil-based lubricants or saliva. Our water-based formula is isotonic and pH balanced to match sperms natural environment​.

•BABYMAKING, SIMPLIFIED. Stay comfortable during sex without hindering your chances to conceive. Our naturally hydrating formula mimics the consistency and viscosity of vaginal mucus, enhancing your comfort and pleasure.

EASY APPLICATION: Just pop the top and apply generously when the mood strikes; no awkward pre-intercourse prep with a syringe like other fertility-friendly lubricants.

ESSENTIAL CONCEPTION ACCESSORY: We designed our fertility lube with the TTC crowd in mind, focusing on protecting your pleasure and privacy while promoting the chance of conceiving.

SCIENTIFICALLY OPTIMIZED, SAFE FOR YOU: Made without irritating ingredients such as parabens, glycerin, silicone, sulfates, and fragrance.

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