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Pregnancy Belly Tape for Pain + Strain Relief

Pregnancy Belly Tape for Pain + Strain Relief

Your second [supportive] skin. Pain + Strain Relief Tape gives you customizable relief for the round ligament, neck, shoulder + back pain that comes with carrying a human around for nine months.

  •  MEDICAL GRADE ADHESIVE: for gentle removal on pregnant skin.
  •  WATERPROOF: Sticks through 3-day wear, even in the shower
  •  MOM TAPE GUIDE: Scan the QR on packaging for a full how-to on wearing when, where and how.
  •  TARGETED RELIEF: Customize your muscle support by adding tape where you're most sore, from head to toe.
  •  DISCREET: Hide the neutral tape under your clothes vs bright KT Tape or bulk belly bands
  • • REMOVE: Soak your tape using oil for 10 minutes

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