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Saline Mist Inhaler

Saline Mist Inhaler

Dry throat? Scratch that. The NoseFrida Saline Mist Inhaler instantly and gently soothes and moisturizes your baby's irritated upper airways, and helps relieve symptoms like congestion and discomfort caused by colds, allergies and other irritants. The ultra-fine, natural sterile saline mist penetrates deeper into nasal passages to help promote easier breathing.

TARGETED RELIEF: The NoseFrida Saline Mist Inhaler provides targeted relief for babies experiencing congestion and sore throat. Its inhalable saline micro-mist effectively moisturizes the upper airways, soothing scratchy throats and addressing respiratory discomfort.

MORE VALUE: Enjoy the convenience of 1.5 hours of continuous fine-mist, offering 1.5 times more mist than comparable products, ensuring longer-lasting relief for your baby's symptoms.

NO FUSS APPLICATION: The design of the saline mist inhaler allows for hassle-free application. Parents can choose to use it with or without a mask, eliminating the need for a wrestling match to ensure proper administration. This user-friendly feature makes it easier for babies to breathe in relief without resistance.

SAFE + GENTLE: Rest assured knowing that the formula used in the saline mist inhaler is extra-gentle, containing only salt and water, making it safe for daily use with infants and children, without the worry of harsh chemicals or additives.

COMPREHENSIVE RELIEF: Expand your options for addressing your baby's respiratory discomfort with Frida's congestion portfolio, now including the NoseFrida Saline Mist Inhaler, which targets the upper respiratory tract, soothing scratchy throats and alleviating congestion in the upper airways for comprehensive relief.


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